Here's a tutorial how to set up an IPTV app (Stb Emulator) on Stb from scratch, Easy steps!

STB Emulator Setup Instructions:

  1. Download: Get ‘STB Emulator’ from the Google Play Store.
  2. Installation: Install and launch ‘STB Emulator’; your ‘MAC address’ will be visible on the screen.
  3. Access Settings: Tap the top-right corner, then select ‘Settings’ (the 4th icon from the right).
  4. Profiles: Tap ‘Profiles’.
  5. Create or Modify: To edit an existing profile, tap ‘Test portal’; for a new profile, tap ‘Add profile’.
  6. STB Model: Choose ‘STB Model’ (e.g., ‘MAG 250’).
  7. Portal Settings: Tap ‘Portal settings’.
  8. Enter Portal URL: Input your ‘Portal URL’ from the activation email and click OK.
  9. Set Screen Resolution: Tap ‘Screen Resolution’ and select ‘1280×720’ (or higher with internet speed 16+ Mbps).
  10. Restart: Exit the app and restart.
  11. Channel List: Access your channel list.

For Troubleshooting:

  • If you face issues viewing channels, try restarting the App, your Device/Box, and Wi-Fi Router.
  • Contact our support for assistance in setting up your subscription if you encounter any problems.

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